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We are America’s LARGEST short sale company.  We have realtors who live in your city that are ready to help move your life forward.  We have expert attorneys and executive level relationships with every major lender.  Discover why America has given SSMG a 5-star rating by viewing our site and reading our customers reviews.  We welcome you to our family.

Answers to the 5 most common short sale questions:

  • What is a short sale?
  • Why would you want to do a short sale?
  • Why a short sale and not a foreclosure?
  • Do I qualify for a short sale?
  • Does a foreclosure mean that I can’t do a short sale?
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Short Sale Details

Discover Your Eligibility

  • Do you owe as much or more than what your home is worth?
  • Do you have a financial hardship?
  • Are you not able to or soon won’t be able to make your mortgage payment?
  • If you answered yes to these questions then you are most likely eligible for this option.

We Do The Work For You

  • We work directly with your lender.
  • We personally manage your paperwork from start to finish.
  • We help you to remove liens so we can sell your home.
  • We work with your mortgage company and our Keller Williams agent to sell your home.
  • We look out for your interests daily.

What Do You Pay?

  • You never pay us a penny!
  • The Lender pays us.
  • 98% of our clients have no further financial obligations after the short sale has been completed.
  • 75% of our clients receive up to $10,000 in relocation money.

Stop Foreclosure Proceedings

Once your lender has agreed to the short sale process then foreclosure proceedings are put on hold.  The sooner you contact us, the better chance of success we’ll have in preventing a foreclosure.

Online Tracking Software

We provide you with an online account so that you can see exactly where you are in the short sale process at all times.

Paid In Full

98% of our clients receive a deficiency waiver from the lender after the short sale.  This means you will have no future financial obligations to worry about.

Hear Chantelle’s Story

Chantelle lost her job and found herself financially overwhelmed with more mortgage than income.  A short sale relieved her of the stress and made her life more financially manageable.

75% of our short sale clients receive up to $10,000 in relocation money.

We took the wisdom gained from 8,000 short sales and put them in a FREE 29 page eBook.
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Hear A Young Mother’s Story

This young mother was nervous and stressed over being behind on her mortgage.  She called Rob and was quickly put at ease when the bank halted foreclosure proceedings.  Rob was able to short sale her home and she walked away owing nothing.  She also received $3,000 in relocation money.

Experience You Can Trust

Rob Carrino’s team has prevented over 8,000 foreclosures throughout America.  By working with LOCAL award winning Keller Williams real estate agents, the Carrino team has helped thousands of families overcome the hurdle of being tied to financially stressful mortgages.  We are here to help you get back into a position of financial peace and move your family forward.

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Real Life Testimonies

Bruce G

“My son in law, having passed, leaving behind my daughter and three babies eventually led to financial and Real estate issues needing resolution. Calling three short sale companies efforting to help my daughter, I told our story. Of the three companies, one person asked how my daughter and grand kids were doing. Rob Carrino of Keller Williams! From the very first day of contact, Rob made himself available on a very personal level researching and answering all concerns and giving us badly needed direction. Over the months of working with Rob I’ve come to call him a friend and know in my heart he treated our needs as if they were his very own.”

Tom D

“When the market crashed, it took me awhile to realize that navigating loan modifications and saving my home were beyond my control. I am grateful to Rob Carrino and his team for their industry knowledge, patience and delivering the true meaning of customer care! My wife and I are finally able to close a difficult chapter and move forward!”

Harry & Tina

“Not being familiar with the Short Sale process I was completely put at ease with, not only Rob Carrino, but everyone in his organization. They kept us informed, on a daily basis, of all the pertinent information that was taking place and what we needed to do to expedite our home sale in a timely manner.
I have always been a firm believer that most companies try to do their best; my experience with the Short Sale Mitigating group has proved my point beyond expectations.”

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